Executable Pseudocode

This page is now legal. Now, this doesn't mean that it turned 18 now, but that I missed having a proper German legal notice here. This so-called "Impressum" is mandatory here, and is supposed to curtail all kinds of internet shenanigans.

Of course, this also means disclosing personal information, but that's the price you pay…

I'm probably going to fiddle with the introductory text of this page a lot in the upcoming weeks. After all, it should introduce readers to the site, and I haven't yet decided its true purpose and breadth of content yet.

Trading hours for minutes

I've also added some front matter for the main page. This meant that I had to re-write parts of my teeny static site generator.

In the beginning, I basically had two kinds of pages: Blog entries and the main index.

Yesterday I added pre-processing to random pages, like the About or Now pages.

And finally I did the same for the main index.

Right now, the pseudocode (heh) for this looks like the following:

global_info += summarize_blog_entries()

The big evil global variable previously just contained truly global information, like the name of the site, my email address etc. Now, after blog entries are done, it also has the information about the blog entries and thus every "misc" page (including the main index.html) can also access this.

Other people might call this a hack, I just call it successfully fighting premature optimization.

Status Quo

Main page Blog page

Other News

I've binged the whole first season of The Suspect yesterday. It was pretty ideal for that while I wrote a bit of code, as it had a rather predictable plot and stretched that out for multiple episodes, so I didn't miss much.

Still, I just wrote about getting a bit more focussed, so background media consumption should be one of the primary things to reconsider.