Executable Pseudocode

Feeling Blue

I've grown increasingly unsatisfied with the Helvetica-based current CSS, it looked a bit dated (never mind that the colors, while being "Swiss" could also be interpreted in another way).

One of my first ideas was grabbing a random palette and go with that.

I picked some C64-ish colors, that also look a bit like a blueprint. And, well, blueprint – pseudocode, similar enough

Plus a first attempt at a favicon, weirdly enough still in the original Windows 3.1 .ICO format. After all, Microsoft innovated the favicons, initially only meant for the bookmarks (or "favorites", as MS called them).

I still have some work to do when it comes to mobile rendering and the whole layout looks a bit stale, so I'll probably put it on a grid and add some useful navigation and information elements tomorrow.

Seeking Direction

After this site is up and running enough I'm going to have to find another series of articles to continue with.

I hope that later this year I'm finally getting into writing some software for side projects and will be able to talk more about this here. Right now, that doesn't make much sense, I'm currently more in a learning and re-orientation phase, with many prototypes and little work that lasts more than a few days.

But I'm noticing that I'm getting worse with some basics, and it might be time to go through some algorithms & data structures again – certainly the right place for pseudocode.

Status Quo

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Other News

A few weeks ago I purchased a refurbished Mac Mini M1, and I've yet to get it to operate. On the other hand, because I needed an ultralight, and not too expensive laptop for travel, I bought a used 2012 Macbook Air. Which I'm using right now.

This is even weirder, considering that I'm really a desk person. I've bought my first 24 inch monitor almost 20 years ago, and had a 19 inch CRT before that. So even the largest laptop screens really can't compare. Yes, they're equal or better in resolution quite often, but it's about square inches, not pixels quite often.

Maybe this 11 inch screen just allows me more focus?

On the other, maybe it's just that my home office is quite messy, and colder than the living room sofa I'm sitting right now?