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About Now

We're one step closer to this being an actual home page, or even a landing page, if I ever decide to go independent or sell out: There are About and Now pages on the home page and in the articles.

I had to refactor the little Perl script that runs this, but that's pretty much the point here: Try the simplest thing that works (and isn't a shell script), fix and expand it later.

The former is pretty self-evident, and it seems the latter is getting more and more popular after Derek Sivers started it.

Both pages themselves are pretty minimal, but there's one reason for this: I'm not quite sure what I intend to do on this blog.

Genesis of executable.pseudoco.de

I bought the pseudoco.de domain ages ago, because I thought the name was neat.

Executable Pseudocode came soon thereafter as a rough idea. Some years ago, when I had a short bout of independence, I even had the idea of naming my business that. Even had a logo made.

This didn't turn out to be that great, so in the meantime I wondered about making this my programming blog, maybe focused on Python – which often gets called "executable pseudocode". Now I nearly don't program Python enough to warrant this, but the name isn't that important.

Now, what am I going to do now? Programming and software development will definitely be a part of this.

Will personal stuff be on here, besides what could fit on a CV? Right now I'm 75:25 for this.

Will other nerd topics end up here?

I'm not sure if role-playing games and making music fit here, but let's see. Better they end up here than no place at all, and I'm currently not sure whether I want to have that many blogs around.

Status Quo

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Other News

I've had a very good talk with my partner about staying focused and being productive today. Didn't go needlessly into self-optimization territory, but was all about being content with ones work.

Distractions have always been my weak spot, and while home office has done some good things here, it also made others worse. For example, I'm much more on edge when I have to keep a chat program open all the time (e.g. Slack or the abominable Teams) than when people walk around me in an office. I can easily block out the latter with headphones and music.

And it isn't that much about actual interruptions, but more the possibility of those. In my recent project there weren't that many requests in the afternoon, but still I worked a lot better when others went home and I could turn Teams off.

I'm also thinking about doing Pomodoro again, and re-visiting some To-Do list systems. Probably not GTD, as I think that in my current headspace, I'd like a "state of completion" more than avoiding this by focusing on next actions.